Mar 21, 2015

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Distracted Driving is Deadly

Many car accidents happen for the most innocent of reasons. There has been such grim attention paid to drunk driving that people tend to be relaxed about texting, talking on their mobile phones, eating, applying makeup, or even changing the radio station. However, any kind of distracted driving can lead to an accident. It only requires a few seconds of inattention for it to happen.

The thing is, there are laws against drunk driving but not for the above causes of distracted driving. This may be because it is possible to get physical evidence of driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence. There are field sobriety tests, breathalyzer, and blood tests to confirm if a driver is unfit to drive. What kind of evidence can you get for changing a CD at the time of an accident?

This makes it harder for a Des Moines car accident lawyer to prove a case of negligence against a defendant who was texting, for example, at the time of an incident in Iowa. Unless the defendant admits to it, or allows the lawyer access to phone records, then that is pretty much it for the easy route. According to the website of Spiros Law, P.C., at the most, the victim of distracted driving will be able to get some compensation for medical expenses, but this will still depend on the circumstances.

It seems unfair but that is how the system works. A layperson with no legal background will have practically no hope of getting compensation without good legal representation. If you are in this situation, your best move is to consult with a car accident lawyer in your state.

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Mar 19, 2015

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Statistics on Accidental Injuries and Deaths in the US

People have accidents all the time, and in many cases they result in serious injury or death. The numbers amply attests to this. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regularly publish statistics on accidental injuries and deaths in the US. It is based on data from the US Census Bureau, and the latest data available is for 2013.

According to the CDC, there were 31 million people admitted for emergency medical treatment for accidental injuries in 2013. There were 130,557 deaths resulting from accidental injuries broken down into 30,208 for unintentional falls, 38,851 from unintentional poisoning, 33,804 from motor vehicle accidents, and 27,694 from other causes. Death due to accidental causes ranks 4th as the leading cause of death in the US.

Many of those who sustain injury in an accident and survive may be facing extended medical treatment, temporary disability, and perhaps permanent medical problems as well. The repercussions can be life changing. In most cases, health insurance covers most of the medical bills, but not all, and those that are not covered by any insurance at all suffer the most. It adds insult to injury when the incident is completely preventable, and occurred solely because of the recklessness of another party.

Fortunately, US law protects victims of negligent behavior. However, as Madison, Wisconsin personal injury attorneys are well aware, proving that another party is liable for one’s injuries is not an easy task. It requires extensive legal knowledge and extensive experience to present a personal injury suit effectively.

If you sustain serious injuries because of a negligent accident, you do not have to suffer it in silence. Find an experienced personal injury lawyer in your area and get compensation for the damages you sustained.

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